Club Ethics and Conduct

To All OTLS Members:

The Board of OTLS has unanimously approved the following Code Of Ethics & Rules Of Conduct (hereinafter referred to as Code & Rules). We believe the Code & Rules have been overdue and are a necessary standard governing the behavior and actions of our members. We are confident that adherence to them will result in a more enjoyable collecting experience for all.

Keep in mind that the Board has no authority or jurisdiction regarding the behavior of members or disputes between members outside club-sponsored events. We encourage you to settle all your disputes amicably. The Board will not intervene in disputes based solely on one member’s word against another member. However, the Board can unilaterally intercede at club functions if deemed necessary. Typically, this would only occur if the dispute were a disruption to other members. Otherwise, generally, it would be necessary for all parties to the dispute to request the Board’s intercession. In such cases, the Board’s decision is final. Failure to adhere will subject the non-complying member(s) to reprimand and/or penalties up to and including expulsion.

OTLS is a private, not-for-profit club comprised of fellow hobbyists who share a common passion for collecting lighters and related items. Membership in the club and attendance at club-sponsored functions is considered by invitation only and can be revoked or terminated by a majority vote of the Board.

Revocation of membership may be based on one egregious act or it may be enacted based on a pattern of misbehavior. Any conduct that is judged by the Board to be a breach of any provision in the Code & Rules may subject the member to reprimand and/or penalties up to and including expulsion.

The Code Of Ethics & Rules Of Conduct is effective immediately. With the posting of this Code Of Ethics & Rules Of Conduct on the website, adequate publication is presumed to have been given. Payment of dues will be considered your agreement to abide by them now and in the future. Your payment of dues also acknowledges your understanding that membership is contingent upon acceptance of the Code & Rules. They are available for viewing on the club website and a printed version will be provided upon request.


  1. At all club-sponsored events, members will be courteous, respectful, and professional in their dealings and communication with other members. Absent this ability, members should avoid interaction with the other member. However, sincere attempts to “clear the air” and statements of fact are not always confrontational.
  1. At all club-sponsored events, unsolicited and unwelcome contact, moral turpitude, harassment and interference in the transactions of another are prohibited. Profanity and obscenity are looked upon with disfavor and persistent or boisterous outbursts will result in your immediate removal from the event.
  1. Members will not engage in libelous writings or slanderous remarks harmful to the reputation of the hobby, OTLS or its Board and members.
  1. Members are prohibited from engaging in conduct that is harmful to the hobby, OTLS or its Board and its members. Notwithstanding this restriction, regret following a mutually completed transaction is not within this purview.
  1. No membership will be granted or continued for anyone convicted in court of a crime involving the sale, purchase, or theft of a collectible or antique.
  1. Members shall not knowingly be involved directly or indirectly with the sale or manufacture of imitations, fakes, forgeries, and reproductions unless these items are clearly differentiated from the original by permanently affixed and readily visible markings. They must also forthrightly disclose the origin of these items.
  1. Members will not knowingly misrepresent an item as to its provenance, rarity, condition, originality or value. Whether asked or not, they must disclose all known defects, damage, repairs, alterations, and missing or non-original parts if offered for sale.
  1. Unless there is a defined validity period, members must honor all written or verbal agreements regarding the purchase or sale of an item.
  1. All debts must be satisfied as agreed.
  1. Members have a duty to advise the Board of any member engaging in activity they believe is detrimental to the best interests of the hobby, OTLS or its Board and members or a breach of the Code & Rules. However, they must produce evidence. The form in which this evidence may appear is unrestricted and will be weighed and considered carefully and deliberately.
  1. OTLS newsletters, rosters, “Members Only” Internet sites, images, club logo, and all other publications are for the exclusive benefit of members. They are authored, compiled, and disseminated by members and paid for by member dues. As such, they are not to be shared with non-members. Exemptions by the Board may be granted upon receipt of a legitimate request. This request can be made in writing or orally. A blanket exemption is made for a member who wishes to share a specimen newsletter with a prospective new member for sampling purposes only.
  1. At any club-sponsored event, any member caught stealing items belonging to another will be automatically expelled from the club and they may be prosecuted legally.
  1. At any club-sponsored event, any member proven to have damaged, misplaced or broken item(s) owned by another member will be required to fairly compensate the member for the loss. Whether the item was damaged as a result of being temporarily removed without authorization, accidentally thru negligence or otherwise; this remedy shall govern. However, for purposes of this Code & Rules, members shall share equally in the risk when an item was freely handed to the member whether it was with a view to purchase, trade or other reason.
  1. An OTLS member’s standing in other recognized and respected lighter clubs is pertinent to their standing within this club. Expulsion from one or more or these clubs will automatically trigger a review of their standing in this club. Based on the findings, further action may be taken including reprimands, and/or penalties up to and including expulsion.